Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – Soft Brown

Today I’m going to be doing a super quick review of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.  If you are new to the Brow Wiz, it’s basically a brow pencil with a very precise tip, making it easy to give the illusion of individual hairs on your brows.

I probably don’t even need to be doing this review as everyone already knows this product is amazing. However, when I was looking to buy the Brow Wiz I had absolutely no idea which colour to get, my hair is blonde but not blonde enough to use the colour Taupe (which is meant for light blondes) but all the other shades seemed too dark. So for those of you with darker blonde or ‘bronde’ hair – this one’s for you!


After reading tonnes of reviews and talking to some of my makeup-obessessed friends, I finally decided to order the shade ‘Soft Brown’ hoping it would be a good balance between blonde and brown. And I have to say, this shade is almost spot on for me, it is quite a warm colour, so if your hair is an ashy blonde it probably wouldn’t work.

I don’t tend to wear a very strong brow look, so the tiny pencil on the Brow Wiz is perfect for me to just go over the sparse areas on my brows. If you’re looking for a product to really fill in your whole brow, sometbrow wizhing like the Anastasia Brow Pomade might be better.

Here’s a photo of my everyday brow look, and you can see the Brow Wiz gives them a much nicer shape but without looking drawn on.

What I love about the Brow Wiz is the consistency. You don’t have to press down hard in order to  make to colour show, but at the same time it doesn’t deposit massive streaks of dark brown across your eyebrow.

While trying to figure out which colour to get, I found it really difficult to find a decent swatch of the Soft Brown shade. So below I’ve included a swatch on the underside of my arm that was taken in natural light with no effects added to the photo – hopefully this helps clear up any colour confusion!


If any of you reading this live in the UK and don’t want to pay for shipping from the US, you can order this product and loads of other products from Beauty Bay which has free 2 day shipping on orders over £15!



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