Prague – Christmas 2015

After returning from our summer holiday and experiencing some extreme holiday blues, me and two of my best friends decided (kind of spontaneously) to book a Christmas getaway to Prague. We went for 3 nights, with the intention to explore the city, wander around the Christmas markets, eat some good food, drink some nice cocktails and just relax!

Arriving in Prague

We arrived in the evening of the 21st of December, and were greeted at the airport by a lovely taxi driver who gave us a mini tour of the city while driving to our hotel. We quickly came to learn that most of the locals spoke English very well, which was a relief as we didn’t know one word of Czech! We settled into our hotel, which was located just outside the city centre, hopped on a tram (which stopped directly outside the hotel) and headed out for dinner.

Day 1

As it was our first full day in Prague we wanted to go and explore the main squares in the city; Wenceslas Square and Old Town Square. This is where the street markets and main shops are located, so we had plenty to look at – we even tried some local delicacies.

While wandering around, we found a museum that was holding some cool exhibitions, so we decided to buy tickets to the Death exhibition, not sure why! It explored everything from mummification to torture to suicide, and it was honestly fascinating but also kind of creepy.

On a lighter note, we also discovered that Prague has Sephora stores, so being the makeup fanatics that we are, we all freaked out a little bit. This is where I FINALLY got the chance to test (and inevitably buy) the Too Faced Born This Way foundation.

Day 2

IMG_0972Our second day was pretty uneventful, we decided to take things easy and have a much
needed lie in, then made our way back into the city centre, but we decided to go beyond the main squares  and see where we ended up.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the public transport in Prague. The trams are ridiculously cheap (we didn’t even pay most of the time), they are very regular and run around the clock, and what’s more, the passengers actually speak to each other! If you’re used to travelling in and around London, you’ll understand why this impressed me so much!

After wandering around for a while, we inadvertently found ourselves on a bit of a hike up Petřín Hill (which I was definitely not wearing the right shoes for), but I’m glad we did because the view from the top of the trail was amazing! We then spent most of the day getting lost in Petřín Gardens which is full of cute little tucked away treasures.

Version 2

We ended the day again by doing some market browsing and going for dinner. On the way home we spotted a guy dressed as Santa Claus holding some ADORABLE micro pigs, yes I actually paid to hold one don’t judge me. Highlight of the holiday.


Final Drama

It was Christmas eve, time for us to return home. We had just had an amazing break in Prague and our spirits were high… until we went to check in at the airport and were told that we had to pay £60 each to check in our bags. As you can imagine we were pretty shocked and angry – mostly with ourselves for not knowing about the extra charge. The worst thing was that none of us had any money left, and the contents of our bags were way too valuable to leave behind, but after a bit of panicking and phone calls to parents, we finally managed to check in. Nothing like a bit of drama at the airport!! Although it seemed like the end of the world at the time, it could have been so much worse and we have learnt our lesson for next time!

Ignoring our bag drama, this trip in general was so much fun. Out of all the European cities I’ve visited so far, Prague is my favourite because it strikes the perfect balance between being traditional and modern, meaning within a few steps you can go from an old fashioned street market, to a fancy shopping centre, and I love that. I also know there is so much more to see and do – we just didn’t have time! So if you’re looking for a beautiful city to explore for a few days, especially around Christmas time, I would highly recommend visiting Prague!


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