Palm Springs 2016

If someone asked me to describe this holiday in 3 words I would say:

 Really, really, hot.

I am not complaining though! With pretty much constant rain and gloominess throughout June in the UK I couldn’t wait to get into that scorching desert heat. I’m not exaggerating either, the average temperature every day was around 45 degrees celsius – twice more than us pasty Brits are used to!

Arriving In Hollywood’s Playground

On 24th June 2016 we flew to LAX (11hours) and then had to battle our way through the LA traffic and drive to Palm Springs. While driving through the city, one of the first things we noticed was that many of the roads are named after old Hollywood celebrities. This is because Palm Springs is also known as ‘Hollywood’s Playground’ – as it is just a couple of hours from Hollywood but offers quietness and privacy, making it the perfect place for celebrities to get away to.


Another thing that we noticed as we drove further and further towards Palm Springs, was the rapidly rising temperature, and when we finally got out of the car, the heat hit us like a tonne of bricks! It was around 8.30pm and still 37°C!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

After doing a few days of lazing around, swimming and shopping, we decided to go on our first tourist venture – the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. This is basically a cable car with a rotating floor that takes you 8,516 feet up Mt. San Jacinto (one of the mountains surrounding the city.) At the top mountain station there are observation decks, restaurants, documentary theatres and a museum, or you can go and explore the hiking trails (but obviously it was too hot for that!). It’s an unexpectedly beautiful spot that gives you breathtaking views as well as having some much needed greenery and wildlife. This is a must-do if you’re heading to Palm Springs!


Wet n Wild

If you’ve never been to Wet n Wild, YOU HAVE NOT LIVED! I’m a massive fan of water parks and a real child at heart, so when I saw that Wet n Wild was about a mile away from our resort, I knew I had to go. Was it a good idea to go to a water park with no shade or air conditioning in 45°C heat? Probably not. But we had an awesome time anyway and didn’t get too burnt.


Palm Springs definitely didn’t disappoint on the shopping front, and I spent far too much money… but that’s what holidays are all about right! A tip to anyone who might be travelling here, there is a huge shopping outlet half an hour down the freeway and it is incredible – it has any luxury brand you could imagine, but half the usual price!
In case you’re interested, I posted a USA mini makeup haul where I showed the makeup I picked up while in America.


I absolutely loved spending time in Palm Springs, as it was unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before – and I think I adapted to desert life pretty well! For me, it was the ultimate chill out trip, and I’m seriously missing the sun. 😦 100% will go back again!

We spent a week relaxing in Palm Springs before driving back to the madness that is Los Angeles, where we stayed for a further 4 days – I’ll be writing a separate post all about our time in the wonderful LA!


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