My Love For Lancôme

Today I just want to chat about Lancôme, because I have a serious love for the brand and I feel that their products don’t always get the recognition and ‘hype’ that they deserve.

Everyone has their reasons for liking (or not liking) a brand, and I understand that not everyone will be into Lancôme’s products. But I however, am a massive fan of theirs so I wanted to write this post to express why – enjoy!

Family Tradition

I think the main reason why I love Lancôme so much is because it is a staple brand in our house – it has always been my mum’s go-to brand for skincare and makeup, and every Christmas she gives me a Lancôme set as a present (which I never get bored of opening!) So in my mind, if a makeup product is good enough to give as a gift year after year, it must be really special!

High Quality Products

The second reason I’m so obsessed with this brand is simply because their products are very high quality. Yes, they can be a bit pricey, but in my opinion they are totally worth the splurge. For example, I am a mascara fiend, it’s the one makeup item that I couldn’t live without, and I have tried SO MANY mascaras it’s unreal, but I always always always go back to Lancôme – no other mascara lengthens and separates my lashes as dramatically. I’m in love their exfoliators, they work perfectly for my skin, and I genuinely believe that they prevent me from breaking out (which I am very prone to). Obviously some of their products are better than others, but out of everything I’ve tried, I’ve had no bad experiences.


Brand Image

For me, things like packaging, advertising, and just the overall image of a brand plays a massive part in whether I buy the products or not. And personally, I think Lancôme ticks all the right boxes – the packaging is sleek and sophisticated, their advertising is pretty dreamy, and when I think of the brand, the first word that comes to my mind is ‘classy’. I mean, just look at their ‘La Vie Est Belle’ campaign, I think it speaks for itself.


It may seem strange to some people that I am so obsessed with Lancôme, because I’m not really their target demographic (although recently I think they have started appealing more to younger women), and to be honest I’m also surprised that I like them so much. But so many brands that are aimed at people my age are not great quality, and often look cheap and tacky, but are still just as expensive as a brand like Lancôme – it makes no sense!

So, if you’re looking to spend a little extra on some really high quality skincare or makeup, and you haven’t tried Lancôme, then give it a go – it might surprise you and become one of your favourite brands, like me!

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