A Positive Look at the ABH Subculture Palette

If you search for reviews on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette, you’ll end up in a whirlwind of negativity. Although I do understand the reasoning behind the bad reviews, I feel as though a lot of people are just jumping on the bandwagon now without really giving it a chance. So, I want to buck the trend a little bit, provide some balance among the hate, and focus on the things that DO work about about this palette.

The colour palette is unique.

Subculture initially captured people’s attention with it’s interesting and (in my opinion) beautiful selection of colours. It is completely different from most other palettes out there, and it has a good mixture of warm and cool shades, that somehow all work seamlessly together.

The shadows are insanely pigmented.

The thing I really love about Subculture is how packed with pigment these eyeshadows are. Yes, this does mean that there is some fallout, but as long as you use a light hand and don’t aggressively swirl your brush around the pan, you’re all good.

The metallic shades are stunning.

Not all palettes do metallics well, but this palette definitely does. ‘Adorn’ is one of my favourite metallic shadows in my entire makeup collection and I think it really makes the palette.

For me, the shadows blend well.

I know a lot of people have had blending issues, but I have found that the shadows blended similarly to my Naked palettes for example. So, I will admit they are nowhere near as easy to blend as the Modern Renaissance shadows, but I still find them pretty easy to work with.


Now, I know many people out there aren’t going to agree with the points I’ve made, and that’s cool. But I’d love to know any other positive opinions about Subculture in the comments below!


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