NuMe Lustrum Set Review

I’ve been using the same pair of curling tongs since I was about 13 years old, and recently my old friends gave up on me, so I had to make a decision on which curlers to buy next.

After doing A LOT of research, I decided on the NuMe Lustrum set, mainly because I liked the idea of having an interchangeable barrel to achieve different sized curls. But also because I couldn’t bring myself to spend over £100 on one GHD or Cloud Nine curling wand – I felt like with the Lustrum set I was getting a whole lot more for my money.

For anyone wondering, I live in the UK and I bought the set from Beauty Bay, and it came with free next day delivery!


As you can see the packaging is very sleek and a lot less bulky than I was expecting. The different wands are all rolled up in a handy, travel-friendly case.

After unboxing the curlers, I practised changing the wands over before turning them on. To begin with I found it a bit tricky and surprisingly there were no instructions to show me how to do it – but after a few tries I got the hang of it, you simply slot the barrel into the base, twist and align it with the little lock symbol. Once it’s locked into place, there is absolutely no chance of it coming loose, it is very safe and secure.


When you turn them on they heat up very quickly, to a smouldering 400 degrees! I don’t know if it’s necessary for a hair styling appliance to be so hot, and unfortunately with this curler you don’t have the option to turn the heat down. I would say that this is it’s biggest downfall.

But that aside, I absolutely LOVE the results from using the curler. Being able to switch up the size of my curls is great, and my curls (which normally drop out after 5 mins ) stay put all day/night without hairspray!!


Excuse the cringeworthy photo, but I wanted to show an example of what these curlers do to my hair. I achieved this look by using the largest barrel in the set, and I personally LOVE the look of loose curls/waves like this.


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