About This Blog

You might be looking at my blog thinking it’s a bit all over the place – and to be honest I’m not really sure of it’s purpose.  I just know that I love to write, and instead of limiting myself to one particular niche, I am going to write about anything and everything that interests and inspires me.

A bit about myself – I am 20 years old and live in Windsor in the UK (no I don’t personally know the queen). In 2015 I finished my A levels in French, Media and Psychology, and much to my grandparents’ despair I made the decision not to go down the traditional route to university. Instead I did an apprenticeship in social media and digital marketing – which I loved! In fact, gaining experience in this industry is what really gave me the urge to start this blog.

I don’t have any long term goals for this blog and you’ll probably see from my posts that I am really casual with my content and style of writing. This is my little patch of internet where I can openly express my thoughts, memories and stories, so feel free to come along for the ride!

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