*Realistic* Everyday Makeup Routine

Is it just me, or are most 'everyday makeup routines' super unrealistic? If  you work full time with standard hours (like me), the chances are you don't prime your face with 20 different products, rock a smokey eye, or spend an hour blending your contour every morning. If you do, then you go girl, I wish I … Continue reading *Realistic* Everyday Makeup Routine

My Love For Lancôme

Today I just want to chat about Lancôme, because I have a serious love for the brand and I feel that their products don’t always get the recognition and ‘hype’ that they deserve. Everyone has their reasons for liking (or not liking) a brand, and I understand that not everyone will be into Lancôme’s products. … Continue reading My Love For Lancôme

Palm Springs 2016

If someone asked me to describe this holiday in 3 words I would say:  Really, really, hot. I am not complaining though! With pretty much constant rain and gloominess throughout June in the UK I couldn't wait to get into that scorching desert heat. I’m not exaggerating either, the average temperature every day was around … Continue reading Palm Springs 2016

USA Mini Makeup Haul

I've been pretty quiet on this blog recently - primarily because I went and soaked up some sun in California for two weeks, and now I've come back to work and it's busy busy busy! I am going to write a separate post about the US trip for my travel category, but today I just want to talk makeup! If you're … Continue reading USA Mini Makeup Haul

Prague – Christmas 2015

After returning from our summer holiday and experiencing some extreme holiday blues, me and two of my best friends decided (kind of spontaneously) to book a Christmas getaway to Prague. We went for 3 nights, with the intention to explore the city, wander around the Christmas markets, eat some good food, drink some nice cocktails and just relax! Arriving … Continue reading Prague – Christmas 2015